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Sooo, I moved

Okay, this blog is gonna like extinct as wordpress wants me to pay to post pictures. So, hell to the no on that. This blog is now on tumblr for any people who are on there. I’ll be posting my legacy and random stuff.


It will be a HELLA lot more updated than this, as its so much easier.


So, here you go.





What the hell, North Carolina?

I seriously, am so mad right now. If you haven’t looked in the news lately, or live outside the United States you probably dont know, but today gay marriage was banned in North Carolina. I am just so MAD right now, freaking homophobes.

Ouh, and get this. this was told in my class today, and this one kid in my class was all like ‘Yeah! Lets get rid of them one state at a time!’. I had to freakin walk out of the room before I falcon punched that homophobe in the face. Seriously, my town makes Rick Santorum look like fucking Kathy Griffin on gay rights. Only 3 more years till im outta this hick town. Counting the days…

Random Post

I’m gonna upload the video of me in Footloose at my concert for my 10 second solo in it. I’m not very good in it, but meh. At least you guys will get to hear me sing!


I was gonna upload my full solo song I sang (Her Voice from The Little Mermaid if you must know), but my sister didnt record it. :/