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I caved for Skyrim

Yup, another simmer who went over to Skyrim. And hot damn! That game is amazing!


I just finished torren- legally purchasing the game about an hour ago and I’ve been playing it since. It’s addicting. 0_O


If EA doesn’t make showtime awesome as I’m hoping it’s gonna be (which I caved and preordered. I wanted HELS, so Ipreoredered for that reason alone. I have every EP and SP now! :D), I’m officially just gonna play Skyrim. It’s so awesome….


The Simplified Starter

Hi! So this is my first truly built house, with effort and everything! It’s a basic starter I made in Hidden Springs.


BUILT ON: 10×10 lot

COST: $16, 496, or somewhere around that xD


No CC or Store Content!

You need:

  • Ambitions
  • Late Night
  • Generations
  • Pets


Download on Exchange

Download on Mediafire


-Mike the Tiger


Don’t you just hate…

E-beggars? I mean really, it is so annoying. I get so many on my page on the officials, it’s straight up annoying as hell.

So, when I come home from a great night at my schools dance this is REALLY not what I want to see.


After some creeping through some of her friends on the officials, she does this to everyone. And it’s like the same exact post.

Ugh, I hate E-beggars.

Late Night hairs for your kiddies!

Woot woot! First worthwhile post! 😀


So, I converted the two semi-decent hairs that came with Late Night! I think they look better on the kids then the adults to be honest!

The ponytail


..and in game


and the swept hair!


and ingame!


Enjoy them! And YOU NEED LATE NIGHT FOR THESE! s3oc has been giving me problems lately so I couldn’t copy the mesh.


DL Links


Swept Hair


-Mike the Tiger